Reading is Fundamental in Social Media


I have been on a social media book bender the last few weeks. My trusty iPad makes it easier for me to read books because I don’t have to pay hardcover prices.

I’ve read two books in two weeks, and I’m going to give you my insights here. I’ll start with my favorite.

I heard Scott Stratten speak on a Vocus seminar a few weeks back, and his off-beat humor (“a kitten dies every time you do social media wrong – don’t kill kittens!”), immense understanding of the space and his clear passion for what he does was infectious. So I did something I don’t normally do – read a book for “work.”

His book showcased the same knowledge and smart-ass-ness (a good thing for me, a fellow smart-ass) and it was brimming with useful case studies and real-world examples. I have found myself quoting his work frequently (giving him credit of course) while speaking with clients, and it has made me a hit with several of them. (Scott, I think I need to get a cut, I’ve sold so many of these books for you!)

My only complaint with the Kindle version is that Scott peppers his writing with footnotes – which are very funny and provide even further insight into his way of thinking. I read the first few chapters in a bookstore before I bought the book, just to be sure, and the footnotes were engaging. In the Kindle format, however, you have to jump back and forth between your page and the link for the footnote, so I didn’t get to read a lot of the snarkies. Minor inconvenience, when the book is entertaining on its own.

Of specific note for me was how both the Tassimo and Rockport brands used Twitter to connect with Scott himself, and provided great UnMarketing to propel their brands into his heart – and he is now an ambassador for those brands. You’ll have to read the book to see how they did it – I’m not giving it away!

So if social media is your game, you’re going to want this playbook. I give it a solid 4. 5 out of 5. 0, which gets a double “woot woot!”

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