Four Tips for Interactive Facebook Posts


I tend to preach a lot about quality of social media posts verses quantity of social media posts. Particularly on Facebook. Since the Facebook algorithm (Edgerank) uses interactivity as a criteria for whether or not a post shows up in your followers’ news feed.

What makes a post interactive on Facebook?

1. Is there something to click on? This could be a link, a photo (because to make it bigger, you need to click on it), a video, etc.
2. Is it relevant? Try to make posts less about company PR (it’s all about me) and make it more about what your customers want to see (it’s all about THEM!) Editorial calendars help with this, because you can make your content fit in with holidays, events, etc. But keep them fluid, so you can respond to news events and conversations that happen in the now.
3. Do people want to “like” the post? Asking for the “like” is probably the easiest way to get one. Example: “Click ‘like’ if you are ready for summer!”
4. Do people want to comment on the post? Create posts that encourage this. Fill in the blank questions, this verses that posts, posts that ask for customer opinions – all these prompt someone to write a response.

Keep these four things in mind when creating Facebook posts, and you’re likely to see your Facebook interactions grow!

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