Social Media Case Study of THE VOICE


Greetings social media butterflies!

How many of you are watching THE VOICE on tv? We’re watching it here in the Social Media Butterfly house, and aside from some of the campy-ness, we’re really enjoying the show.

We’re not the only ones, it seems. Recently, Mashable chose THE VOICE for its story: Behind the Scenes on 8 Innovative Social Media Campaigns. And I quote, “The Voice delivers that, with a highly engaging and social co-viewing experience that’s earned it a spot as the top-rated new show this season.”

I’ll give it to the tv show, it has certainly integrated social media – Twitter specifically – into the show’s format. Each week, singers and topics trend on Twitter while the show is airing.

To me, however, the show’s social media seems a bit forced. Tweets appear from the judges/artists on the screen during the live shows – which means that they’re not genuine. I don’t see Blake Shelton whipping out his smart phone and actually typing anything. If you have to tell me to go Tweet or post about something, you’re not actually allowing for a genuine response.

I’ll admit, I’m glad to see shows that post hashtags for ease of use (like America’s Got Talent, #AGT) but at no point in that show does Howie Mandell say to the camera – did you like that act? Go Tweet about it! None the less, it happens anyway. That’s a genuine conversation.

Am I wrong here? What do YOU think?

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