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I realize that I am addicted to social media (hey, the first step is admitting it, right?). That’s why I cheated. Normally, I’m such an honest person – to a fault. But I just had to cheat. I HAD to!

I cheated by creating a fake app as a Facebook Developer. I was already a Facebook developer, not in the sense that I ever actually coded anything, because that would make my head explode. However, I set myself up that way a while back to mess around with a custom Facebook fan page.

Anyway, I created this fake app, because Mashable posted this article about how I could get the new Facebook Timeline in advance of everyone else. And because I like to be on the edge of social cool, I cheated.

But I’m not taking the fall all on my own. Oh no! I’m making you accomplices. 🙂 Here’s the article from Mashable that tells you how to get the new Facebook Timeline early. Only us cheaters will be able to see it until Friday (and actual, real Facebook developers) but it gives you a little advance time to get your page all set up so you can wow your Facebook friends on Friday with your shiny new Timeline.


See my masterpiece?

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