My All The Social Ladies Interview


Sometimes, relationships you make in social media turn into opportunities that you couldn’t even imagine. That’s what makes social, well, social!

I was recently asked by the awesome Carrie Kerpen (@CarrieKerpen), CEO of Likeable, to participate in her wildly popular podcast, All the Social Ladies. I feel like I’ve just won for an Academy Award, and I need to thank all my fellow nominees. There are some serious social media powerhouses that have been featured on her podcast, so if you don’t listen to my show, listen to the others. There will be a plethora of advice to be had.

In show #54, you’ll get to hear all about me. How I got started, some of my tips and tricks, advice for those who want to be great social ladies (and gents!), how to measure social and more!

Here’s the link! Enjoy!

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